Winter Tyres

Over the last few years more and more of our customers have made the seasonal switch to winter tyres, having realised the benefits of the extra grip during the winter months.

The main component in tyres, and what gives them their grip, is rubber, a natural material that behaves differently depending on the temperature. The rubber compound used in normal summer tyres becomes brittle at temperatures below +7 C and as a consequence these tyres can lose much of their grip. Winter tyres have a much higher percentage of natural rubber in their compound and as a result stay flexible and soft to much lower temperatures, thus giving the tyre much better grip at lower temperatures.

In addition to the specialised rubber compound, cold weather tyres have a different tread pattern with many more small grooves (called ‘sipes’). This results in the tyre being able to deform more easily, and so form a better grip on ice and snow.

We hold a huge stock of winter tyres and will also swap your tyres between winter and summer tyres every Spring, and back again in the Autumn. Our current charge for this service is less than £15 per wheel, and includes balancing, a new valve when necessary and VAT. We will store the set of tyres you are not using free of charge. We currently have over 1000 customer tyres in storage, and this service is becoming more popular every year.


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Winter Tyres
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'On October 7...we received service beyond the call of duty. You fitted a spare tyre to our hire car at no cost. We were astonished at the level of service you provided. We will always be grateful because you welcomed us as strangers ..and demonstrated the warm hospitality of Scottish people'. Excerpt from a letter received from Dwayne and Marcia.
Dwayne and Marcia, Indiana USA

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