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Tyre Fitting Service

We really care about your safety and value for money so if you need advice, we can give you our unbiased, professional opinion on which tyres are best for your car, driving style and budget. We can also advise you on EU tyre labelling.

Unlimited choice

From the brands you know – Pirelli, Michelin and GT Radial – to more unusual tyre brands, we hold a large stock on site and, due to our excellent relationships with tyre dealers, we can order in almost any brand of tyre for same day delivery if you order before noon.

The right price

Even though we’re an independent, local business, many of our prices are cheaper than the internet. If you’re looking for great value budget tyres for the most popular size 205/55/16, we’re usually able to match any price you find online. And, our main value brand, GT Radial tyre even comes with a lifetime accidental damage warranty (conditions apply).

High standards

Our Kinross tyre technicians are passionate about tyres, and as members of the National Tyre Dealer Association, you can be sure you’ll be getting a great service. We’re among a handful of tyre dealers in Scotland who have been given Pirelli Key Point status, which is testament to the standards we work to.

More than just cars

We don’t just fit and supply tyres for cars and vans; we also provide trailer, quad bike, golf buggy and wheel barrow tyres as well as the more unusual tyres for a glider!! No matter what tyre you need, we can get it and fit it – fast.

Winter tyre storage

Not only do we stock and fit the safest, most reliable brands of winter tyres for our Scottish winters, we also offer storage for your summer tyres. When the roads improve, we’ll switch your tyres back and offer free storage for your winter tyres until you need them next.

4 tyres in 40 minutes!

In most cases, we can replace all of the tyres on your vehicle in just 40 minutes. It’s not just about fast fitting though; we take safety very seriously indeed. Our professionals are diligent with their tyre fittings and will make sure your wheels are balanced and aligned correctly.

Everyday Tyres

There is a huge choice when it comes to tyres. With over 300 manufacturers, and each manufacturer having 10 or 20 different models of tyres, there are literally thousands of tyres to choose from, and we pride ourselves on being able to get any one of them, even the more unusual sizes and patterns. If, however, you find all this choice unnecessary and a bit overwhelming, then you can you rely on our expertise to guide you to the best solution for you.

How do I choose my tyre?

Obviously you need the right size, but after that it comes down to what really matters to you in a tyre. Typically the things that matter to people are:

  • Grip (in both the wet and dry)
  • How long will the tyre last
  • Handling and performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Noise

Whilst the new EU tyre labelling goes some way to answering some of these questions, it does not cover all the issues, so we have identified a range of tyres which we believe give the best balance across these criteria, whilst of course taking into account the all- important issue of cost.

Cheap tyres

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. There are some very cheap tyres on the market, built to a price point (usually in China) and without too much consideration of any of the above criteria, but at least they are black and round. Actually some are not even that round, as we sometimes find out when we come to balance the wheels! If the only thing that matters is the initial cost, then we can get some very cheap tyres, but we do not always stock these as a matter of course.

Value tyres

We stock GT Radial, built in Indonesia by GT, one of the top 10 largest tyre manufacturers in the world (at the time of going to press). The GT Radial range of tyres offers superb value for money and a high level of performance for a cheaper tyre. They invest heavily in research and development, are well regarded in the industry and get good reviews on the internet. Additionally all their car tyres come with an accidental damage warranty. Tyrefair is an approved GT Radial dealer.

Mid range tyres

For many years we have been a main dealer for the Dutch built Vredestein tyres. Apollo (the parent company which also owns Cooper tyres) is now the 7th largest manufacturer in the world. We sell more Vredestein than anything else, and we believe these are technically great tyres, giving superb all round performance and value for money. Vredestein has been building tyres for over 100 years, and continues to innovate in tyre design. Their latest range of tyres has been developed in conjunction with the Italian design studio Giugiaro, and they are the cutting edge in tyre design. Over the years we have built up many very loyal customers to Vredestein, and the feedback is very positive.

It is also worth mentioning the Kleber brand. Kleber are owned by Michelin and the Kleber Quadraxer all season tyre has had outstanding reviews. We keep these in stock too.

Premium tyres

We stock Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and Dunlop, all of which we buy direct from the manufacturers. All these tyres are top quality and often it comes down to personal preference. Pirelli and Dunlop clearly have a strong motorsport tradition, so are well suited to sportier cars and driving. Michelin are renowned for their long life, and Goodyear has a very strong track record focusing on safety. If you buy any of the premium tyres you can be sure you are buying a top quality product, with all the technical back-up that goes with that.

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Winter Tyres

Over the last few years more and more of our customers have made the seasonal switch to winter tyres, having realised the benefits of the extra grip during the winter months.

The main component in tyres, and what gives them their grip, is rubber, a natural material that behaves differently depending on the temperature. The rubber compound used in normal summer tyres becomes brittle at temperatures below +7 C and as a consequence these tyres can lose much of their grip. Winter tyres have a much higher percentage of natural rubber in their compound and as a result stay flexible and soft to much lower temperatures, thus giving the tyre much better grip at lower temperatures.

In addition to the specialised rubber compound, cold weather tyres have a different tread pattern with many more small grooves (called ‘sipes’). This results in the tyre being able to deform more easily, and so form a better grip on ice and snow.

We hold a stock of winter tyres and will also swap your tyres between winter and summer tyres every Spring, and back again in the Autumn. Our current charge for this service is less than £15 per wheel, and includes balancing, a new valve when necessary and VAT. We will store the set of tyres you are not using free of charge. We currently have over 1000 customer tyres in storage, and this service is becoming more popular every year.

Specialist Tyres

At Tyrefair we specialise in tyres, and we love a challenge. We think we can get any tyre for any vehicle, so if you have an unusual tyre request, give us a try. For example;

We have provided tyres for classic cars such as an E-type or a Morgan. We recommend the Vredestein range of classic tyres for such vehicles, which are classic-looking tyres built using modern materials and technology, but we can supply any brand.

  • We recently provided brand new tyres for an original Audi Quattro and a horse drawn carriage
  • We have supplied tyres for gliders and powered aircraft
  • We have supplied wheels and tyres to Perthshire Off Road Driving Centre and tyres to
  • Knockhill racing.
  • We supply and fit tyres for motorbikes, quad bikes, lawnmowers and wheel barrows.

In short, if it needs a tyre we can get it!

GT Radial Warranty

We all know how frustrating it can be when your tyre is punctured it cannot be repaired. We now offer a piece of mind warranty with all GT radial car tyres purchased at Tyrefair.

If you buy your GT Radial car tyres from us and subsequently get a puncture that cannot be repaired we will give a discount off a replacement tyre based on the amount of life left in the tyre. So for example if your tyre has 7.5mm of tread or more, we will give you a discount of 100% off the replacement tyre. If the has 5.0mm of tread left, you only pay 50%. All the way down to 3.0mm when you will still get a 10% discount. Terms and conditions apply- we can tell you all about it if you contact us.

Tyre Labelling

Since 2012 all new car tyres must come with an EU label which identifies 3 characteristics of the tyre, namely its wet grip, its fuel economy and its noise level. Whilst these labels are helpful in understanding and comparing the performance of tyres, it is also important to understand some of the issues behind the labelling.

For example the tests do not cover dry grip, cornering, longevity, performance of the tyre at different temperatures, aquaplaning and so on. It is also worth bearing in mind that at present there is no independent verification of a manufacturer’s results , so the results should be used as a guide rather than the definitive answer. For a free, unbiased discussion on which tyres are best for you or your car, please pop in or contact us.

Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

If you can’t make it to us why not have us come to you? Our mobile tyre fitting service is available in most parts of the UK with appointments available 7 days a week in many urban areas.

We know getting new tyres can be a hassle and that taking time out to visit us can disrupt your day.

That’s why we introduced our mobile tyre replacement service offering the ultimate in convenience.

Replacing your tyres has never been easier. Simply order your tyres online and select mobile tyre fitting and we’ll come to you either at home or at work at a time convenient for you.



Tyre Recycling

By law all tyres must be recycled and cannot be disposed of in landfill. Tyrefair is a member of Tyrewatch, and is committed to best practice in tyre recycling. All our tyres go directly to the cement industry, with no middle men involved, so there is no risk of the tyres being lost on the way.

Used tyres are an established fuel for the cement industry. They contain a similar amount of energy per tonne as coal. Their use in cement kilns is permitted by the Environment Agency and has been proven in exhaustive trials to deliver environmental benefits including dealing with a ‘problem’ waste, reducing emissions from cement factories and saving fossil fuels for future generations.

If you buy your tyres at Tyrefair, you can be sure your old tyres will be put to good use.

Performance & Care

Tyre pressure

The importance of correct tyre pressure cannot be overstated. Correctly inflated tyres last longer, reduce fuel consumption, give a better ride and grip better, but most of all reduce the likelihood of tyre failure. When a tyre rotates, the area at the bottom in contact with the road flexes. This can happen well over 10 times per second when a vehicle is travelling at motorway speeds. This constant flexing causes heat to build up in the tyre’s sidewalls, and if the tyre is under-inflated the flexing is excessive and the heat builds up faster than it can be dissipated. In a recent survey in undertaken in conjunction with BHS, over half of breakdown call-outs to horse boxes and trailers were tyre related, and in another survey conducted by a major tyre supplier 78% of vehicles were found to be running on under-inflated tyres.

Why not pop in to Tyrefair where we will be more than happy to check and adjust your tyre pressures for you? We also stock a range of tyre pressure gauges and top quality tyre inflators if you want to do it yourself.

Tyre age

All tyres are stamped with their date of manufacture. Old tyres can be extremely dangerous. A recent coroner’s inquest in Woking examining a fatal coach crash in September 2012 found that the accident was caused by the failure of a 19 year old tyre, which had potentially been delaminating for months. Whilst 19 years is unusually old, all tyres deteriorate with age, and often this deterioration is below the surface cannot be picked up by visual inspection. The problem of aged tyres is especially acute in low mileage vehicles such a horse boxes, trailers and caravans.

If you are at all concerned about the age of your tyres, pop in to Tyrefair and will we happily give your tyres a free, no obligation inspection.

If you have any questions regarding tyres or about ordering online, speak to us at Tyrefair in Kinross. Call us today on 01577 865656 or complete our Contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.