Tyre Labelling

Since 2012 all new car tyres must come with an EU label which identifies 3 characteristics of the tyre, namely its wet grip, its fuel economy and its noise level. Whilst these labels are helpful in understanding and comparing the performance of tyres, it is also important to understand some of the issues behind the labelling.

For example the tests do not cover dry grip, cornering, longevity, performance of the tyre at different temperatures, aquaplaning and so on. It is also worth bearing in mind that at present there is no independent verification of a manufacturer’s results , so the results should be used as a guide rather than the definitive answer. For a free, unbiased discussion on which tyres are best for you or your car, please pop in or contact us.

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'On October 7...we received service beyond the call of duty. You fitted a spare tyre to our hire car at no cost. We were astonished at the level of service you provided. We will always be grateful because you welcomed us as strangers ..and demonstrated the warm hospitality of Scottish people'. Excerpt from a letter received from Dwayne and Marcia.
Dwayne and Marcia, Indiana USA

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