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Tyre pressure

The importance of correct tyre pressure cannot be overstated. Correctly inflated tyres last longer, reduce fuel consumption, give a better ride and grip better, but most of all reduce the likelihood of tyre failure. When a tyre rotates, the area at the bottom in contact with the road flexes. This can happen well over 10 times per second when a vehicle is travelling at motorway speeds. This constant flexing causes heat to build up in the tyre’s sidewalls, and if the tyre is under-inflated the flexing is excessive and the heat builds up faster than it can be dissipated. In a recent survey in undertaken in conjunction with BHS, over half of breakdown call-outs to horse boxes and trailers were tyre related, and in another survey conducted by a major tyre supplier 78% of vehicles were found to be running on under-inflated tyres.

Why not pop in to Tyrefair where we will be more than happy to check and adjust your tyre pressures for you? We also stock a range of tyre pressure gauges and top quality tyre inflators if you want to do it yourself.

Tyre age

All tyres are stamped with their date of manufacture. Old tyres can be extremely dangerous. A recent coroner’s inquest in Woking examining a fatal coach crash in September 2012 found that the accident was caused by the failure of a 19 year old tyre, which had potentially been delaminating for months. Whilst 19 years is unusually old, all tyres deteriorate with age, and often this deterioration is below the surface cannot be picked up by visual inspection. The problem of aged tyres is especially acute in low mileage vehicles such a horse boxes, trailers and caravans.

If you are at all concerned about the age of your tyres, pop in to Tyrefair and will we happily give your tyres a free, no obligation inspection.

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An exceptional and personal service left me very impressed with Tyrefair. We will certainly be repeat customers.
John, Glenfarg

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