Tyre Recycling

By law all tyres must be recycled and cannot be disposed of in landfill. Tyrefair is a member of Tyrewatch, and is committed to best practice in tyre recycling. All our tyres go directly to the cement industry, with no middle men involved, so there is no risk of the tyres being lost on the way.

Used tyres are an established fuel for the cement industry. They contain a similar amount of energy per tonne as coal. Their use in cement kilns is permitted by the Environment Agency and has been proven in exhaustive trials to deliver environmental benefits including dealing with a ‘problem’ waste, reducing emissions from cement factories and saving fossil fuels for future generations.

If you buy your tyres at Tyrefair, you can be sure your old tyres will be put to good use.

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'On October 7...we received service beyond the call of duty. You fitted a spare tyre to our hire car at no cost. We were astonished at the level of service you provided. We will always be grateful because you welcomed us as strangers ..and demonstrated the warm hospitality of Scottish people'. Excerpt from a letter received from Dwayne and Marcia.
Dwayne and Marcia, Indiana USA

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