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For a reliable, honest service you can trust choose Tyrefair, your local service centre in Kinross. You can book a service, enquire online using our servicing form,  where we will be in touch to assist you. We have flexible appointment dates and we are confident we can book you in to fit around your busy lifestyle.


Keep your car in top condition with a service at Tyrefair

The best way to ensure your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition is to have it serviced regularly. A service is a vehicle inspection that keeps your car in a reliable, safe and fully-functioning condition based on guidelines set out by the vehicle manufacturers.

Servicing your car regularly ensures your vehicle is running smoothly, whilst reducing the risk of it breaking down and incurring an expensive and unexpected repair. The service schedule for your vehicle will depend on the manufacturer and also depend on the car's mileage and age. We can service your vehicle with original manufacturers parts therefore maintaining your vehicles warranty.

If you are not sure what car service you require, speak to us here in Kinross where we can give you all the information you will need.

Why should I have my car serviced?

  • Keeps the vehicle running as efficiently as possible and helps improve fuel economy
  • Maintains car safety level – vehicle brakes and tyres
  • Reduces the risk of future breakdowns
  • Helps to maintain vehicle value
  • Extends the life of your vehicle

Whats included in a service?

ServiceOil & Filter From £30Small From £40Large From £50
VEHICLE INTERIOROil & FilterSmallLarge
Check Instruments, Gauges, Warning Lights 
Check Horn 
Check Adblue / Eolys Warning Light  
Check Interior Lights  
Check Clutch Operation (Manual Only)  
Check Seat Belts  
Check Climate Control / Air Con System is Operating Correctly   
VISIONOil & FilterSmallLarge
Check Windscreen Wiper Condition and Operation 
Check Rear Wiper Condition and Operation (if fitted) 
Check Windscreen Washer Operations 
Top Up Windscreen Washer Bottle(s) 
Check Windscreen for Chips and Cracks 
Check Mirror Condition (Interior and Exterior) 
Check Number Plate Condition 
Check Exterior Lights  
Check Steering, Suspension Linkages and Ball Joints for Wear,
Damage and Condition
Suspension - Check Shock Absorbers and Springs 
TYRE INSPECTIONOil & FilterSmallLarge
Check Tyre Tread Depth 
Check Tyre Pressures 
Check General Tyre Condition 
Check Tyres for Uneven Wear
Check Tyre Age 
Check Spare Tyre 
Inspect TPMS Valves  
Inspect TPMS Warning Light / Sensor  
UNDER THE VEHICLEOil & FilterSmallLarge
Visual Brake Check 
Full Brake Inspection   
Check Fuel Pipes for Routing, Damage and Corrosion   
Check Engine, Transmission and Rear Axle Train Drive   
Check Drive Shaft Joints and Gaiters for Wear and Damage   
Check Exhaust System and Mountings 
Replace Engine Oil and Filter 
Replace Fuel Filter (Diesel Vehicles)   
Replace Cabin Filter   
Replace Air Filter  
Report if Spark Plugs are due to be changed according to Mileage.
An additional charge applies for the supply of Plugs and Fitment
Check and Report on Cabin Filter Replacement if Due to Mileage and Age  
ENGINEOil & FilterSmallLarge
Drain Engine Oil and Refill
(Special or Synthetic Oils Subject to Additional Charge)
Replace Sump Plug Seal or Report Sump Plug Replacement if Integral 
Check for General Oil Leaks 
Auxiliary belt Inspection   
Check for Timing belt Replacement Interval and Report if Due
According to Mileage or Age
Check Radiator Condition, Security and Report any Leak   
Check Radiator Cap Seal   
Check Coolant Hoses for Leaks and Condition,
and Security Check Securing Clips
for Tightness and Report
Check Brake Fluid Level  
Report if Spark Plugs are Due to be changed according to Mileage.
An additional charge applies for the supply of Plugs and Fitment
Check Battery Condition and Charging Rates  
Check Antifreeze and Top Up Coolant as Required  
Check and Report Condition and Security of Under Tray 
FINAL CHECKOil & FilterSmallLarge
Vehicle Road Test  
Reset Service Light 
Stamp Service Book  


Mechanic pouring engine oil into a vehicle - Car Servicing Kinross

For anything to do with servicing, choose Tyrefair! Give us a call today on 01577 865656 or complete our Contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.