Tools and Accessories

Everything we do at Tyrefair is for the convenience of our customers.  It’s why we offer fast service, without appointment, and parts that are competitively priced with Internet car dealers.

All the little items you need
We also sell useful car accessories at our local Kinross depot. We’re like a convenience store for cars and sell everything from screen wash and light bulbs and wiper blades.

Don’t worry - we won’t push sales of our products when you visit.  Just browse at your leisure and buy if you like.  We simply stock accessories for your convenience.

De-ice your car at -30 degrees
We’re always looking for ways to help our local customers and have recently commissioned our own de-icer and screen wash to cope with the local climate in and around Perth, Fife, Kinross-shire and Edinburgh.  Both products have been specially designed to work at temperatures as low as -30 degrees.

Drive in and visit us today to stock up.

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 Tyre Tweets!

'On October 7...we received service beyond the call of duty. You fitted a spare tyre to our hire car at no cost. We were astonished at the level of service you provided. We will always be grateful because you welcomed us as strangers ..and demonstrated the warm hospitality of Scottish people'. Excerpt from a letter received from Dwayne and Marcia.
Dwayne and Marcia, Indiana USA

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