2.2million tyre related MOT failures in 2013

Posted on 21st October 2014 by Liz in General.
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2.2million tyre related MOT failures in 2013

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2.2 million tyre-related MoT failures in 2013

According to information obtained by TyreSafe under a Freedom of Information request, more than 2.2 million cars in the UK failed their annual MoT test last year due to the condition of their tyres. Commenting on this data supplied by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, the safety organisation’s Chairman, Stuart Jackson, said it “beggars belief” that so many cars fail because of unsafe or illegal tyres.

“Your safety on the road is totally dependent upon the condition of your tyres so it’s vital that you check these regularly throughout the year, let alone just before you take your MoT,” he added.
“Furthermore, they are also one of the easiest items on your car to check, so there really is no excuse for this amount of tyre related failures.”

Reinforcing the scale of the problem, recent figures released by the Department for Transport showed that more than 968 road casualties were caused in the UK in 2013 because of an accident involving illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres.


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