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Tyrefair's Privacy Policy

Posted on 22nd May 2018 by Liz in General.

Tyrefair Ltd is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. This policy explains how we use the information we collect about you, how you can instruct us if you prefer to limit the use of that information, and procedures we have in place to protect your privacy.
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Cold Weather tyre advice from Tyresafe

Posted on 27th October 2017 by Liz in General.

With a cold weather warning sweeping the nation, now is the right time for drivers to pay particular attention to tyre safety for the coming wintry months, says TyreSafe.That makes winter tyres an option for many but all road users should at least ensure tyres are in good condition and ready to face all possible road conditions.

As the UK’s average mean temperature is below 7°C throughout the winter months*, winter tyres become the optimal choice for motorists. Another alternative is the all- season tyre. When deciding whether winter or all-season tyres are their best option for the months ahead, TyreSafe is recommending owners consider their own driving requirements and, most importantly, ensure they and their tyres are prepared for winter driving.
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Tyre checks for stored vehicles

Posted on 29th May 2017 by Liz in General.

Tyre checks for stored vehicles With summer approaching, caravans, classic cars, horseboxes, motorhomes and many other vehicles will be coming out of winter storage for the first time this year.
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Are your tyres safe?

Posted on 1st September 2016 by Liz in General.

Are your tyres safe? More than a quarter of tyres checked in a recent Tyresafe survey were found to have an illegal tread depth. There were 80,000 accidents between April 14 and March 15.
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Low profile tyres

Posted on 26th June 2015 by Liz in General.

Low profile tyres One for the specialists! We recently fitted the lowest profile tyre currently available - a 285/25/20 normally fitted to certain types of Lamborghini. In this case it was fitted on after market wheels on a BMW. The customer had tried several other tyre places, including the usual chains, but none could fit it. It took 3 of us and about 20 minutes.
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